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Pattern Stick by June Tailor

Temporary pattern spray holds paper patterns firmly in place for cutting.

• Eliminates the need for pinning.
• Patterns can be folded and stored for later use.
• Reactivate adhesive with iron to reuse pattern.

This spray is designed to be used on the tissue paper-type garment patterns. Traditionally, these are pinned to the fabric before cutting and this can take a great deal of time. Also, pinning can really damage the lightweight pattern paper to the point where they cannot be re-used. This spray is to spray on the pattern and smooth or hand-press onto the fabric as desired. When finished, the pattern paper can be removed from the fabric and refolded for storage without stickiness. After that, to re-use the pattern, you can just press it down with an iron.




On “A Wing and a Prayer” and a “shoestring”, I opened the doors of SEW BIZ on June 20, 1983.  

After 35 years, in February of 2018, I CLOSED the Retail Store.  We are now continuing to add items to our Online Store and we will be keeping you informed of NEWS regarding sewing and quilting through our FaceBook Page and our Email Blasts.