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OSQE Classes 2020

The KITS listed on this page are for those who are taking Rulerwork Classes on the OSQE Platform
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1 - Let's Get Started! - Quilting with Templates on your Domestic Machine


2 - More Template Quilting with Sampler Set 1 Templates


3 - Template Quilting - Designing Borders with Westalee Design Sampler Set 1


4 - TempLee Quilting KIT


Clover Chaco Liner Pen


Free Motion Glider by SEW STEADY


Green Grid Glider 12" x 20"


Havel's Lace And Applique Squeeze Snip-4 3/4 "


Havel's Snip-Eze Embroidery Snips 4 3/4in


Pounce Quilt Powder Refill 2oz -Iron off


Sench Side Threading Needles


Sew Steady 11in x 14in Grid Glider


Sew Steady Ruler Work Glider







On “A Wing and a Prayer” and a “shoestring”, I opened the doors of SEW BIZ on June 20, 1983.  

After 35 years, I have CLOSED the Retail Store.  We are now continuing to add items to our Online Store and we will be keeping you informed of NEWS regarding sewing and quilting through our FaceBook Page and our Email Blasts.