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Needles - Machine and Hand Sewing Needles

Scissors, Shears, Cutting Tools


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Frixion Colors Marker Erasable Ink Pen Purple


Frixion Colors Marker Erasable Ink Pen Red


Frixion Colors Marker Erasable Ink Pen Yellow


Frixion Colors Marker Erasable Pen Light Green


Frixion Fineline 6pk Assorted Colors


Frixion Fineline Marker


G-Easy Ruler Stickers


Grabbit Bobbin Saver 2


Havel's double Eyed Needles


Havel's Lace And Applique Squeeze Snip-4 3/4 "


Havel's Pinking Shear 9in


Havel's Serrated Fabric Scissors-8"


Havel's Ultra-Pro Seam Ripper


Humming Bird Needle Threader with Cutter


Ink Pen with Sylus End


Ironing Pad


Kandi Corp Professional Touch Crystal Applicator


Knobie Talk Do Not Disturb


Knobie Talk My Happy


Knobie Talk Seam Ripper


Lighted Seam Ripper


Mighty Travel Iron


Misting Bottle-Color Therapy


Misting Bottle-Friends don't let Friends go to Quilt Shops Alone


Misting Bottle-Iron Maiden


Oh Sew! Organized Stash n Store - Mint


Oh Sew! Organized Stash n Store Pink


Oh Sew! Organized Stash n Store Ruby


Oh Sew! Organized Stash n Store-Aqua


Point Turner & Seam Creaser


Pounce Quilt Powder Refill 2oz -Iron off


Quilt Basting Spray by June Taylor


Quilt Basting Spray-June Tailor


Quilter's Starch Savvy by June Taylor


Quilters Select Free Fuse-2oz


Roll & Press


Schmetz Universal Needles 90/14-100ct


Sench Side Threading Needles


Sewline Fabric Pencil


Snip-Eze Embroidery Snips 4 3/4in


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On “A Wing and a Prayer” and a “shoestring”, I opened the doors of SEW BIZ on June 20, 1983.  

After 35 years, I have CLOSED the Retail Store.  We are now continuing to add items to our Online Store and we will be keeping you informed of NEWS regarding sewing and quilting through our FaceBook Page and our Email Blasts.