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Donelle McAdams, President

Celebrating 35 Years in 2018

On “A Wing and a Prayer” and a “shoestring”, I opened the doors of SEW BIZ on June 20, 1983.  Located at 3120 S. Washington St., in Marion, Indiana, we were located directly across the street from a Bar and right next door to a Bar.  Ironically, when we moved to our current location in 1985, our old location became…you guessed it – a Bar!  That first location had 600+ square feet of space that included a small classroom.  We offered items for Counted Cross Stitch, Candlewicking, Basket Weaving, Viking Sewing Machines and let’s not forget … 32 bolts of very carefully selected fabric!  That is the truth – I began my store with only 32 bolts of fabric.  I am not sure how we survived that location (size of store, neighbors, small product mix)  but almost 35 years later we are still going strong.   And I praise the Lord for that! 

My first customer was a classmate’s mother who was also a member of our church – Darlene Boen of Marion, IN.  Like many store owners, I still have the receipt and Dollar Bill from that sale framed with my Indiana Resale License. We appreciate our customers who have supported us down through the years.  Many of our customers have met life-long friends while attending classes and events at SEW BIZ.  Others have renewed friendships from the past and have become re-acquainted with friends while taking classes.

 After relocating to our current location, 3722 S. Western Ave., Marion, Indiana in the fall of 1985, we were able to expand to approximately 2000 square feet.  And then we added more space in 1989 and again in 2000.  We now have nearly 6000 square feet which allows us to have a spacious, well-equipped classroom.  And yes, we do have a few more bolts of fabric!  Actually, we have well over 2500 bolts of beautiful fabric. 

In 2005, I began marketing quilting tools.  Today, we have 5 Quilting Tools and 13 Patterns that are carried by major distributors and sold in many quilting stores across the nation and around the world. Visit our Online Store.

Thank you, our customers, for supporting SEW BIZ and allowing us to serve you!  Spreading the joy of sewing, quilting and related projects is truly rewarding.  Our greatest rewards come from seeing customers who are satisfied with and excited about their projects and then share their enthusiasm with others! 


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Donelle McAdams, Owner & President

I am married to John McAdams and we have 2 children. John is a Plant Engineer at Chrysler in Kokomo, IN.  He is also Vice President of SEW BIZ Inc.  Megan is in her 7th year of teaching an is a 4th grade teacher at Frances Slocum Elementary in Marion, IN.  Matthew is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and is in Medical School at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  SEW BIZ is a family run business, so John, Megan, and Matthew all have very important jobs behind the scenes.  During the Summer months, Megan can be found working at SEW BIZ.  Actually, she is my Webmaster!

I have lived in Marion, IN all of my life except for my college years and my first 2 years of marriage.  I graduated from Marion High School, Purdue University and received my Master's Degree in Secondary  Education from Ball State University.  I taught Home Economics (now Family & Consumer Sciences) at Maconaquah Middle School, in Bunker Hill, IN, for 7 years.  While still teaching, I began this great venture called SEW BIZ!  After 2 years and teaching interrupted by a health issue, I resigned my teaching position to become a full-time Quilt Store Owner!  I love teaching and this opportunity was perfect for me!  I am still teaching after 40 years!

I have had the opportunity to teach at International Husqvarna Viking Convention on many occasions, participate as a presenter at School House and have taught business classes at International Quilt Market, write for a variety of Sewing related publications and I currently write a column for Fab Shop News entitled Profitable Promotions. I am one of 5 Accredited Teachers Nationwide for Westalee Quilting Templates and travel the USA and Canada teaching and sharing the love of quilting. I will share my passion for sewing & quilting and teaching others at any opportunity.  God has given me the talent to sew and I thank Him for allowing me to share that gift with so many wonderful people.

If you are in the neighborhood, please stop in and introduce yourself.  We would love to meet you and chat about your current projects!

Linda Atkins, Store Manager

I am married, have 2 adult sons and two daughter-in-laws and have always lived in Fairmount.  I taught Home Economics for 6 years before joining the staff at  SEW BIZ.  I began sewing in junior high school and enjoyed making and designing clothes for myself and others throughout high school and college.

As a 30 year employee of SEW BIZ, I’ve been here through many different trends that have come and gone (remember mop dolls, foiling on sweatshirts, Pictograms or knitting machines?) But when I began quilting, I knew I had found my niche.  I love working with the different fabrics and combining them like pieces of a puzzle. Even though quilting methods have evolved through the years, I feel a connection with generations past when I’m quilting. Looking back on the terrible bindings of my early years of quilting is now quite embarrassing, but I, too am evolving!

Laura Lancaster

I feel like I have many homes.  I live in Marion, I am from California, and my husband’s family is from Ohio where we lived for many years.  I guess being an army brat has made me comfortable calling any place I am “home.”  I was fortunate enough to have lived in Colorado, Alaska, and Germany following my father around.  In fact, Germany is where I met my husband of 42 years.  We have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. 

I have always loved to sew.  I was a strange child who made clothes for her dolls more than playing with them.  When I had my girls, Stretch and Sew was the rage and I took many of those classes.  I even made my daughters’ prom dresses.  I didn’t start quilting until 2000 and I started taking classes here with the Beginning Quilting class and I have loved every minute of it since. 

Bev Wickham

I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a  niece, an aunt and a great aunt.  I have worked in a grocery store, hospital, lumber yard, financial institution, school system, feed store, accounting department & now I am at SEW BIZ.  I have called Marion my home for the last 36 years. (Now you know my age…ha ha ha).  In answer to the question “do you sew?”  Yes. Question number 2…”Do you sew project displays for SEW BIZ” No.   I have sewn since I was at least 9 and took sewing in 4-H.  I sew clothing, craft projects, and now am learning to quilt (the right way).  I like quilting because it makes me slow down and pay attention to what I am doing…to the details… you know… “measure twice: cut once”.  I really enjoy working at SEW BIZ.  I enjoy meeting all the customers that soon become friends and I like the variety each day brings. I serve as the Office Manager at SEW BIZ.





 3722 S. Western Ave.
       Marion, IN 46953


On “A Wing and a Prayer” and a “shoestring”, I opened the doors of SEW BIZ on June 20, 1983.